This section contains a number of articles I wrote and put together for my Foundry class at California State University Long Beach and other seminars I have done. Along with information on the various steps in bronze casting, I am including the projects that I have assigned to my students which contain step-by-step instructions and my be of some interest.

Note: my original intent in writing these articles was to create a handbook for my students. Though the majority is written by myself, I did copy some information from the internet and have attempted to credit those quotes. Never-the-less, if I missed a quote and you see something that was from your website, please let me know and I will either delete it or gladly put in a link to your site.


The information here is for educational purposes, is the opinion of the author, and does not encompass the whole of the subject. I am not responsible for ommissions, mistakess, errors or the misuse of any of the information on this site. Building and operating a foundry without proper knowledge and a good dose of common sense can lead to injury or death! Read up on safety procedures before using this or any furnace. Dangers can inculde gas and steam explosions, severe burns, and carbon monoxide poisoning to name a few. To start, please take a look at my Safety Page and Furnace Lighting Procedures.


    • Wax: An Overview
The Casting Process:
    •    •    •    •
The Lost Wax Casting Process
Ceramic Slurry Dipping Schedule
The Sandcasting Process
Investment Casting: 1930-1950
    •    • The Chasing Process
Methods for Joining Bronze
    • Patinas
Building Foundry Equipment:
    •    • How to Build a Bronze Casting Furnace
Furnace Lighting Procedure
Foundry Safety
Casting Projects:
    •    • Project #1: Direct Wax Sculpture, Ceramic shell Casting
Project #2: Sandcasting a Bas Relief Plaque


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