This Page is intended both as a studio tour and to disseminate information about the casting process, foundry, and the tools I have made for it - furnaces, forges, tongs, etc. 

I have been pouring bronze for over 20 years, and during that time I have built a number of furnaces burners, forges, etc.  I taught a foundry class at California State University, Long Beach for several years which covered bronze and aluminum casting using a variety of techniques: ceramic shell, oil sand (petrobond), resin bonded sand, lost foam.

Take a look at my Articles Page. You will find articles on building a bronze casting furnace, casting techniques, wax working, chasing and joining bronze.


My Studio

Two years ago I was working out of my garage - in 2006 I built my dream studio. Take a look at construction and a quick tour.


The Casting Process

A pictorial overview of the casting process.



Starts with my first furnace made from a freon can over 20 years ago, to my most recent one designed to melt 100 lb. of bronze. Included are plans for my Helium Tank forge.


Burnout Kilns

A small and larger burnout kiln for ceramic shell molds.


Slurry Mixer

A small slurry mixer for a 5 gallon batch.


Tongs and Ring Shanks

Tongs and ring shanks for #10, #20 and #30 crucibles designed to be operated by a single person.



During my early years i was a bladesmith, and built my own propane forges and burners. This is the same technology I used to build my furnaces.


Sandcasting Flask

Just a few pics of my basic sandcasting flask design. It's easy to make, inexpensive, and sturdy.


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